FishMPABlue 2

Fishermen and marine protected areas, a partnership for sustainability in the Mediterranean


Five techniques used for follow-up ecological monitoring in 11 pilot MPAs.

A detailed look at the toolkit in two Spanish MPAs

Major event during the second press trip, in the Egadi Islands MPA.


Working with fishermen in MPAs

Telašćica, Croatia: On an island with just over 1000 people, daily communication with fishermen is an integral part of life a tradition. Conservation Services works with fishermen to come up with solutions together to preserve fish stocks in the Telašćica nature park.

National Marine Park of Zakynthos, Greece: MPA managers and fishermen see MPAs as spatially restricted ‘laboratories’ for fisheries and fish stock management – the knowledge gained from their performance and governance can be used in fisheries management at a larger scale.

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