FishMPABlue 2

Fishermen and marine protected areas, a partnership for sustainability in the Mediterranean


WWF Adria and Nature Park Strunjan officially launched the FishMPABlue2 project in Slovenia

The Pilot Project Implementation Plan was signed at Torre Guaceto MPA in Italy

A sampling campaign on ecological monitoring was carried out during the summer in 11 Mediterranean MPAs


Working with fishermen in MPAs

Telašćica, Croatia: On an island with just over 1000 people, daily communication with fishermen is an integral part of life a tradition. Conservation Services works with fishermen to come up with solutions together to preserve fish stocks in the Telašćica nature park.

National Marine Park of Zakynthos, Greece: MPA managers and fishermen see MPAs as spatially restricted ‘laboratories’ for fisheries and fish stock management – the knowledge gained from their performance and governance can be used in fisheries management at a larger scale.

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