Bridging the Science-Practice-Policy Gaps

PANACeA: Knowledge Sharing and Strategic Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection

On 23-25 October 2017, Oscar Esparza from WWF Spain attended the PANACeA Knowledge Sharing Event and Strategic Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection Meeting held in Barcelona.

The event fostered a constructive, productive dialogue between researchers, practitioners and policy-making officials and a set of recommendations was issued to bridge the Science-Practice-Policy gap, in support of enhanced management and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in Protected Areas. Sergi Tudela, Director General for Fisheries and Marine Affairs of the Government of Catalonia, participated.

The meeting provided a great opportunity to gather people with different experience and areas of work, who nevertheless share the same vision. For us to transform society and protect the Mediterranean it is and was evident in the meeting that we must all work together and coordinate efforts among all sectors towards the same shared goal.

In Spain, WWF has come a long way in working with fishermen and managers. The WWF Spain team have realized that we are all interested in the same thing: to have more fish in the sea!

The meeting helped emphasise that the most urgent thing now is to work on the management of these areas, the challenge is not only to increase their surface, but also to ensure that they are viable, especially in those regions where multiple uses, activities or interests converge. This will only happen if the local communities living around these areas are involved in their creation, management and monitoring.