Ensuring synergies between Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection projects

FishMPABlue2 participated in the workshop in Podgorica.

As the regional population of the Mediterranean grows, natural resources are rapidly changing, affecting biodiversity, landscape and livelihoods. To address these challenges, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection community featured in the PANACeA project - which gathers 11 EU projects and a number of environmental institutions in the Mediterranean - is exploring ways to optimise efforts at regional, national and local levels.

The aim of this seminar, held on 16-18 May 2018 in Podgorica (Montenegro), was to highlight and transfer the  latest knowledge, practical methodologies and tools developed by current EU and Mediterranean research, management and policy projects to stimulate a Mediterranean debate on ecosystem-based management and biodiversity conservation.

FishMPABlue2 was one of the 11 projects to participate in the workshop. Patrik Krstinić from WWF Adria presented the innovative monitoring tools developed by the University of Nice team during the project and tested in the 11 pilots during throughout 2017: Underwater Visual Census, Baited Underwater Video and Squidpop.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to learn about latest developments in our Med community and the Adriatic region and to network and exchange with other colleagues on ecosystem-based management and protection tools,” said Patrick Krstinić.