First training for 11 Mediterranean MPAs in France

The Côte Bleue marine park hosted the first training workshop for the 11 pilot MPAs involved in the project.

The training workshop “Methodologies and techniques of environmental, economic and social monitoring of small scale fisheries” was organised by the Ecomers lab (UNS), together with Conisma and Côte Bleue marine park. It was held at the Côte Bleue marine park premises in Carry Le Rouet (Marseille, France) on 4-5 April 2017.

The objective of this first workshop was to present and discuss the methodologies to be adopted to monitor the ecological, economic and social aspects of small-scale fisheries management in the 11 pilot MPAs. This workshop was also an opportunity for each MPA to present the general context of its management, as well as its experience in artisanal fisheries management.

Various monitoring methods were reviewed and discussions provided a better understanding of the specific characteristics of each MPA and the activities to implement in the coming months.