Second workshop of the FishMPABlue 2 Advisory Panel

Project partners discuss the main goals and expected results of the project.

The second workshop of the FishMPABlue 2 Advisory Panel was held in Rome on 24 May 2018 for project partners to discuss the main goals and expected results of the project, and the outputs achieved so far.

The process that allows the definition of a toolkit for governing Small-Scale Fisheries within a Marine Protected Area was described.

Antonio Di Franco from ECOMERS laboratory explained the process carried out in each pilot MPA to draft and adopt the Pilot Project Implementation Plan (PPIP): a Local Governance Cluster was created – gathering the MPA managing body and local small-scale fishers – and some of the governance measures listed in the Toolkit were selected for testing. The selection of the governance measures is based on the specific needs of each pilot MPA.

In their PPIPs, all 11 MPAs included governance measures dealing with surveillance and monitoring needs, in most of the cases involving the fishers in such activities. But many others are under implementation. Before the testing began (in summer 2017) the “ex ante” environmental-socio-economic monitoring was carried out, to determine the “baseline”; in June-August 2018 the “ex-post” monitoring will take place, to collect the relevant data to check whether any improvement has resulted from the implemented governance measures.

The ecological-socio-economic monitoring campaign, carried out from June to September 2017 constitutes the “baseline” situation for the pilot MPAs. From June to August 2018 the “ex post” monitoring campaign was carried out in the same 11 pilot MPAs using exactly the same techniques, in order to see the impacts of the governance measures implemented in the framework of FishMPABlue2 project.

There are three exchange visits (in Torre Guaceto in June 2018, in Telašćica in October 2018 and in Portofino in November 2018) between a hosting pilot MPA, additional (not pilot) MPAs and another 2-3 pilot MPAs. The hosting pilot MPA showcases its experiences of FishMPABlue2 project implementation, the other attending pilot MPAs see actual in-field results and share their experience, the other invited MPAs benefit from this.

The Regional training on the upgraded “SSF Governance Toolkit” (Telašćica, 09-11 October 2018) will gather all the 11 pilot MPAs where the Toolkit will be presented in its revised version.

“Sharing-experience” Regional Conference (16-20 November 2018, Portofino): overall results of the 11 FishMPABlue2 Pilot Actions will be shared within the Annual MedPAN Workshop on Small Scale Fisheries with the wide audience of experts and stakeholders attending the Workshop.