Summer school, Zakynthos, Greece

Design and implement monitoring activities to assess Marine Protected Areas ecological and fisheries effectiveness: improving MPA’s manager skills. Summer School 21-27 September 2019, National Marine Park Zakynthos, Greece.

This summer school is focused on small-scale fisheries in MPAs (see the agenda).
The goal is to increase MPA staff skills on designing and implementing a comprehensive and integrated monitoring system to assess the environmental assets of MPAs (ecosystems, biodiversity, etc.) and the actual impact of small-scale fisheries on such assets.

Participants will be trained in monitoring methodologies and techniques (see details) of the environmental (underwater visual census, baited underwater videos), economic (measurement of fish catches and their economic value) and social (questionnaires) aspects of small-scale fisheries around and within MPAs.

These methodologies have been successfully tested in the 11 FishMPABlue2 pilot MPAs (see results here)

The Summer School will alternate lectures in the classroom, practice in the field, practical sessions of data handling and analyses. All the activities will be run by researchers from ECOSEAS Laboratory (University of Nice, France), Universities Consortium CONISMA (Italy) and the National Marine Park Zakynthos (Greece).