A Governance Toolkit for SSF

Lessons learned from testing best management practices in 11 pilot MPAs

The Governance Toolkit for managing Small-Scale Fisheries in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas is a practical collection of 13 sustainable fishery management-related solutions. The Toolkit is ready to be used in any Mediterranean MPA, and will be crucial for setting up policy recommendations for the management of small-scale fisheries in the whole Mediterranean region.

The Toolkit details the lessons learned from testing best management practices in 11 pilot MPAs using a participatory process. It provides guidance on how to better involve fishers in the process of helping MPAs shift towards small-scale fishery co-management.

The 11 pilot MPAs encompassed the range of management conditions prevailing in the Mediterranean; the testing process addressed the challenges jointly identified by MPA managers and fishers on the relationship between SSF and MPAs. The examples presented illustrate that even where a formal co-management system is not in place, cooperation with local small-scale fishers can often bring unexpected benefits for the MPA managing body.

The Toolkit will be of practical support for those developing co-management approaches with the long- term goal of improving the overall governance of natural resource management in the Mediterranean. The ultimate goal of the FishMPABlue 2 project is to maintain biodiversity and natural ecosystems while increasing sustainability, including socio-economic, of small-scale fisheries, through better managed and connected MPAs and more involved fishermen.

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