Citizens of the sea

Photographic exhibition at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere, 2-20 October

On 2 October the photographic exhibition "Citizens of the sea" opened at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere. The exhibition is the result of 9 months of work in which the award-winning photographer Carlo Gianferro was able to capture the daily life of artisanal fishermen operating in four of the FishMPABlue 2 project’s pilot sites: Telašćica in Croatia, Cap Roux in France,  Zakynthos in Greece and the Egadi Islands in Italy.

The exhibition offers portraits of small-scale fishing in the Mediterranean, of the lifestyle of the fishers and their relationship with the sea. In a context of intensive fishing where fish populations are decreasing, artisanal fishers also risk disappearing if they do not adapt; their willingness to work with MPAs, their ability to be involved in creating new, more responsible and more respectful fishing models will contribute to changing the future of fishing, fishers, fish and the sea itself.