First press trip of the FishMPABlue2 project

The first press trip was held at the pilot site of Cap Roux, France.

The FishMPABlue2 project is testing the most promising co-management approaches, building good working relationships between marine protected areas managers and fishers in 11 pilot sites throughout 6 countries of the Mediterranean basin, striving for better managed and connected protected areas and more involved fishers. The project creates partnerships between protected areas, a Mediterranean network of small-scale fishers and key policy makers.

The project has organised three press trips at sites selected to give the best illustration of our key messages. The first press trip of the FishMPABlue2 project was held at the pilot site of Cap Roux, France. The "Cantonnement de pêche” of Cap Roux (Cap Roux MPA), created in 2003, is located on the coast of the town of Saint-Raphael. It is a true no take reserve because any form of catch is prohibited (professional fishing, recreational fishing, angling, fishing on foot, fishing underwater). Only water activities, such as boating, scuba diving and swimming are allowed.

The press trip was attended by the national French media wire Agence France Presse, the Italian major national daily newspaper­ La Repubblica,  the national Croatian TV (weekly TV program on marine topics) HRT, and the national Spanish media wire EFE.

APAM, ACPCR and the University of Nice participated in the press trip led by WWF Mediterranean. The fishermen of Cap Roux and Cannes were the main protagonists of the press trip, which began with a boat trip during which they presented the Cap Roux MPA, followed by a meeting/lunch gathering fishermen, the project partners and the journalists. In the afternoon project partners and other fishermen guided the journalists across the MPA and answered all their questions about the project and the pilot site.

Media coverage raises awareness about the project objectives and results, as well as about wider fisheries and MPA topics. It supports the recognition of MPAs as generators of socio-economic benefits and biodiversity protection, and of small-scale fisheries as models of sustainability. It also raises the profile of fishermen involved in the project, working with MPA management, setting an example for others to follow.

See the wonderful photos taken during the press trip here. All © Cristina Mastrandrea / WWF Mediterranean

Media coverage

Media coverage

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