FishMPABlue 2, 3rd press trip, Croatia

Press trip to Telašćica Nature Park, Dugi Otok, Croatia, 3-5 September

 "We are insatiable and greedy, and that is why there is almost no fish in the Adriatic anymore“.

This is just one of the headlines from articles written by journalists who gathered on the Croatian island of Dugi Otok on a press trip to Telašćica Nature Park. Twelve media representatives from Albania, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain and Slovenia, including 2 television stations, joined the press trip organized by WWF Adria and WWF Mediterranean within the FishMPABlue2 project, to understand how we are empowering small-scale fisheries in order to create more sustainable models.

Telašćica is the place where, for the first time in Croatia, fishers have been involved in the design of the management plan of the protected area. A really special working relationship has been created between the fishers, management of the park and WWF united towards fisheries co-management. As part of this plan, the fishers decided to create a no-take zone in the MPA themselves, and have even changed their nets to reduce fishing pressure and effort, exchanging three-layered nets for nets with a smaller mesh size – more selective and with less impact on the marine environment.

Journalists had opportunity to speak with many fishers and to the management of the park, understanding their will to protect the sea from overfishing. The fact is that both fishers and park’s management agreed on the proclamation of the no-go zones around the park, which sets a precedent in Croatia. The Deputy Minister of Fisheries in Croatia,  Ante Mišura (pictured right, with 2 journalists), also joined the press trip and explained the legal efforts which have to be undertaken to have co-management as a practice in all Croatian marine protected areas.

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