Integrated workshop for fisheries management

A detailed look at the toolkit in two Spanish MPAs

Kate Hogg from WWF Mediterranean presented the FishMPABlue2 project at the "Integrated workshop for fisheries management in Natura 2000 areas" held in Madrid on 19 July 2018. Kate provided the audience with a dynamic presentation, introducing the aims and objectives of the FishMPABlue2 project, explaining the monitoring strategy and results of this work so far, and detailing the governance toolkit and how the different pilot sites have selected and implemented the various tools. Kate provided a detailed look at the toolkit in the two Spanish MPAs – Cabo de Palos[1]  and Es Freus – providing the audience with a better understanding of the lessons learned and inspiring them to consider adopting some of these tools in the management plans they are designing for the Natura2000 sites.

The representatives of the fishing sector and CEPESCA were particularly interested in the fishers' involvement in directly increasing surveillance of the protected areas and the camera system to be installed in Es Freus. The audience were also interested in the monitoring campaign and the survey techniques used and the results obtained thus far. A dynamic discussion followed the presentation related to the possibilities of adopting fisher surveillance in other areas, and what issues the Natura 2000 sites are facing with illegal fishers and other competitive users as experienced in Cabo de Palos.