Sharing pilot actions and results

Sharing achievements and results of the FishMPABlue2 pilot actions with other MPAs in France.

MedPAN, ECOMERS (CNRS-University of Nice) and APAM (French association for sustainable fishing and maritime activities) organised an event on 27 March 2018 in Cassis, France to officially present the FishMPABlue2 project.

They shared the first achievements and results of the FishMPABlue2 pilot actions with other MPAs in France. The event was organised during the annual technical workshop of the French Biodiversity Agency (AFB) that brings together the French Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas managers.

Chloe Webster, MedPAN scientific officer, gave an overview of the project; the 3 French pilot sites presented the governance tools tested in each MPA.

Frédéric Bachet, director of the Côte Bleue marine park, detailed the 3 tools implemented in the park since 2017:

  • Strengthen fishers involvement in MPA’s management, through the organisation of regular meetings with the fishers, their representatives and the French Maritime Administration.
  • Improve surveillance and regulation enforcement in the MPA, by increasing efforts during autumn and winter and at night.
  • Valorization of fisheries products and activities, by promoting the job of fishers to the general public and improving sales of species usually less commercialized.

Marianne Lang, MedPAN, presented the case study of Bonifacio Nature Reserve on behalf of Marie-Catherine Santoni (MPA manager). The Reserve of Bonifacio is targeting 2 tools:

  • Promote sustainable fishing, by testing different types of traditional fishing traps to participate in a study on the cost-effectiveness of a selective fishing gear, harmless for the seabed.
  • Strengthen fishers’ engagement and participation, through more regular meetings.

Leila Seddiki, Cap Roux manager and Claire Lemoine, APAM, highlighted the actions developed for the project (in cooperation with UNS and APAM):

  • Enforce fishery-related regulations in the fishery reserve, by changing the markings at sea, adding new pedestrian boards, improving the exchange of information between the different actors of Cap Roux and exchanging with the French Administration about the status of sworn guard.
  • Strengthen fishermen’s involvement in the management of the marine protected area, by organizing more regular meetings with them and organizing a public event in cooperation with them.

These 3 presentations excited the interest of other MPA managers to investigate and to implement similar methodologies in their MPAs in the future.