When & where


The FishMPABlue2 project officially began on 1 November 2016, and will run for 36 months.

The project will be implemented in 11 pilot MPAs in 6 Mediterranean countries: Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Greece. The pilot MPAs are:
1. Marine reserve of Es Freus, Spain (coordination WWF Mediterranean)
2. Cabo de Palos Marine Reserve, Spain (coordination WWF Mediterranean)
3. Fisheries reserve of Cap Roux, France (coordination UNS)
4. Côte Bleue Marine Park, France (coordination MedPAN)
5. Bonifacio natural reserve, France (coordination MedPAN)
6. Torre Guaceto MPA, Italy (coordination Federparchi / Conisma)
7. Egadi islands MPA, Italy (coordination Federparchi / Conisma)
8. Portofino MPA, Italy (coordination Federparchi / Conisma)
9. Telašćica natural park, Croatia (coordination WWF Adria)
10. Strunjan Landscape park, Slovenia (coordination WWF Adria)
11. Marine national park of Zakynthos, Greece (coordination UNS)

Each pilot project will be executed in 23 months, following a common structure:

  • Preparation: governance tools to be tested are selected for each pilot MPA and activities are planned.
  • Implementation: identified governance tools are implemented in each pilot MPA. In this phase monitoring is carried out before and after the implementation of the governance tools, to measure the change in the ecological, economic and social status of the pilot site.
  • Evaluation: monitoring data from each pilot MPA is assembled and analysed. Findings are synthesized in a scientific report and in a communication tool for local stakeholders.
  • Closure : testing results will be transferred and discussed to upgrade the tested governance toolkit sections.