Fishers talk to fishers: project videos

FishMPAblue2 project: scope, approach, results




Watch the project final video, summarising the FishMPAblue2 project in the words of the fishers and MPA staff who took part.



Fishers talk to fishers

In this series of 20 short films, shot in six different countries, you’ll hear some of our inshore fishers tell each other – and us – what the Mediterranean Sea means to them; and you’ll also meet some of the conservationists who are working on the same side as the fishers.

There are thousands of miles of sea from Ibiza to Zakynthos, but you’ll hear the same stories everywhere. Fish stocks are collapsing. Centuries of tradition are at risk. If sustainable approaches are not embraced, we might be witnessing the end of a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation – along with the end of the marine ecosystems on which it relies.

This is why increasing numbers of fishers and conservationists are adopting a collaborative approach, working together to find new ways to make small-scale fisheries sustainable and guarantee a future for the communities they support.

When you listen to what these people have to say it’s obvious that our traditional small-scale fishers love the Mediterranean as much as anyone does, and they know it even better. In their work with marine conservationists this is invaluable: from realistic protected zone planning and in-depth data collection to constant surveillance and swift policing, every aspect of fisheries management is made stronger when the fishers are a part of it – and that’s the story everywhere, whether it’s the story of Ioanna in Greece or Francesco in Italy.

Taken together, these short films are telling us something loud and clear: fishers and conservationists need to help each other, because ultimately they want the same thing. This is the message of the citizens of the sea, and listening to them has never been more important.